Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook?
Facebook is a free social networking website, a favorite pastime for 600 million users and growing.

Why Should I Market my website and business on Facebook?
According to the research of Nielson Company Internet users spend the most time on Facebook with an average of 7 hours per month compared to Yahoo coming in second with only a little over 2 hours per month, Gigya, web content widget sharing provider servicing more than 5,000 content sites like ABC.com, shows a distribution of shared content by millions of users on their network sharing their widgets via social networking links (Facebook like buttons), putting Facebook #1 at 44%, Twitter comes in second at 29% and Yahoo third at 18%. A study featured in the March issue of the Harvard Business Review by Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business shows a Houston based restaurant’s Facebook fan page generated

  • 36% more visits to their online store each month.
  • fans spent 45% more of their eating-out dollars at their restaurant.
  • fans spent 33% more at their stores.
  • 14%t higher emotional attachment to the company’s brand.
  • 41% greater psychological loyalty toward the company.

With the rising of social networking over the past few years, we are beginning to see a definite rivalry between the search engines and social network top players and it’s evident Facebook is top dog. If you want to be successful online you really must use Facebook as a marketing tool.

Face Book Fan Page Design and Maintenance
The first step to a successful Facebook Campaign is an eye catching, professional Face Book Fan page for your business. Our team of viral marketing professionals and graphic artists can design a cutting edge Face book fan page for your business which will help attract fans, get them to your website and most importantly, convert them to customers.

But it doesn’t stop there. In order to KEEP fans interested in your fan page and get new fans it needs to be updated regularly with status alerts and links to your website(s) or related products and services.

It takes more than just writing a Facebook wall post to grow your fan base. Well written posts require understanding fan behavior and psychology to effectively engage users to interact with and share your posts on your Facebook page. Surfs Global’ team of Facebook marketing engineers work on Facebook with hundreds of thousands of friends and fans daily. They are skilled in writing effective ad copy, growing fan bases and making posts go viral on the Internet. Whether you need to promote services, products, real estate, contests, videos, software, or just to enhance your reputation, let Surfs Global make it happen for you.


Packages Basic Standard Advanced Viral
Best Suited For Least Competitive Market Small Business Moderate Competition Small Business Websites Highly Competitive Market Medium – large business Multiple Websites Website Networks
facebook Fan Page Setup
Custom facebook Fan Page setup
your custom
your image/ad in cover photo. your logo in profile photo
facebook like buttons added to your website
facebook visit button added to your website
facebook share button
facebook quick view plugin added to your website
facebook fan page information Textual Content Optimization (2 -4 paragraphs of text you provide us)
2 paragraphs of professionally written ad copy added to your facebook fan page
Monthly Maintainance
Updating facebook fan page
2 hours / month 4 hours/ month 10 hours/ month 40 hours/ month
fb marketing team commenting on and sharing your fan page
4 hours/ month 6 hours/ month 12 hours/ month 60 hours/ month
Monthly Reporting
One Time Setup $349
Get Started
Get Started
Get Started
Get Started
Monthly Marketing $390/mo $630 $1210 $4500
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